We are the #1 SPA in Medical in Mexico and we arrived from Tijuana to Cancun!
VIVE Medical Spa is a beauty clinic created in Tijuana by Dr. Sergio Verduzco, who together with Dr. Alan Solis have come together to bring their specialized team to this beautiful Caribbean city.

Meet our team of doctors trained in the most recent treatments and supported by the latest advances in the science of health, nutrition and beauty.

Our doctors have years of experience in the field of aesthetics. They understand your beauty concerns and know how to solve your needs in the most beautiful way.

Learn about the benefits of epigenetics and aesthetic medicine, non-invasive, without surgery, with fast and effective procedures.

Enjoy your results!


El Dr. Sergio is the head of VIVE Med Group, which joins the best physicians in Esthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery.

He studied Medicine at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, in Jalisco, Mexico. He has extensive experience in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery. He constantly attends international congresses to keep up to date in the area. Dr. Sergio brings the latest treatments and medical beauty techniques to Tijuana.

His constant updating has allowed him to turn VIVE Medical Spa into a leader in aesthetic treatments for the national and international public.

He is a trusted friend to the patients, personally involved in each one of the treatments and procedures.

Dr. Sergio

Dr. Alan

Dr. Alan He studied Medicine at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, in Jalisco.

Aesthetic medicine is the path that he has always been passionate about to help people achieve their goals. Dr. Alan brings the latest medical beauty treatments and techniques to Cancun.

His goal is to provide the best treatments to achieve beautiful results, with the best injection practices and the latest procedural technology.
L.N. Elizabeth Solis She studied nutrition at the Universidad del Valle de Atemajac (UNIVA) Colima campus.

Nutritionist Elizabeth has the skills and training to give the best results with the loss of body fat, and she brings us a German technology that, through hair, indicates your state of health, according to your DNA.

Her objectives are to achieve both the health and beauty of patients, improve their self-esteem and make them enjoy a better life.

L.N. Elizabeth


We use the best national and international products with official certifications.
Each product has the approval of the American FDA and the Mexican Cofepris, the organisms governments for health in both countries.

Our favorites


Microneedling is the application of tiny needles on the skin, generating microscopic lesions that provoke a natural defense reaction in the cells. The result is the production of collagen, the body’s rejuvenating substance, and elastin, which promotes tissue elasticity. This stimulation makes the cells more receptive to incorporating other facial treatments, which contribute to repairing and improving the skin.

PDO Threads

The PDO Threads treatment, also called Tensor Threads or Magic Threads, is a minimally invasive beauty procedure of surgical threads under the skin, which allow giving tension and firmness to the skin and tissues of the face. It produces the effect of muscle tension and lifting to eliminate wrinkles and saggy skin. They are safe, not felt or seen, and fade without side effects over time.


Cool Sculping uses cold to eliminate the excess body fat. The procedure consists of a cold wave that destroys unwanted fat deposits by lowering their temperature. This cold wave breaks the fat focused on points such as the waist and flanks. The lime is decomposed and eliminated naturally by the body.

Epigenetic test

Epigenetics is a branch of biology that studies the influence of the environment and external conditions (such as nutrition and emotional state) on genes. It literally means "control over genetics." Recent epigenetic studies are revolutionizing the way scientists think about how life is controlled.


The Styku 3D Body Scanner is an innovative way to assess composition and track changes in your body, thereby aiding weight loss, building muscle mass, and other health-related goals. The Styku 3D body scanner has the ability to generate measurements that allow each individual to visualize where they are in terms of their health and well-being.


VIVE Medical Spa is a health and beauty clinic located in Cancún, Mexico.
We have the best team of certified doctors, properly trained professional staff, nd the latest technology at the best prices.


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